Severe Menstrual Cramps After Tubal Ligation

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy, the sperms reach the egg in the fallopian tube, where fertilization occurs, and then, this fertilized egg travels on to reach the uterus and implants itself there to complete the gestation period. The fertilized egg fails to reach the uterus for the gestation perio 00004000 d and instead implant itself anywhere outside uterus, like cervix, fallopian tube, abdominal cavity. In general, the fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube.


Ectopic pregnancy is usually diagnosed around six weeks of pregnancy. Your spouse should consult her obstetrician if she has any of the following symptoms:

Pain or tenderness in the abdomen or pelvis, especially while coughing or moving bowels, and which may become more severe or chronic with time

Vaginal bleeding

Shoulder pain, especially while lying down

Lower abdominal pain, which increases over a period of time, accompanied by lower back pain

Shoulder pain, which occurs, as the fetus draws blood for its growth, hampers the functions of diaphragm.

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