Period Cramps But No Blood Am I Pregnant

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16 dpo near high-ranking BBT.Does this nouns positive?
I most likely ovulated 00004000 on 21st June as per BBT chart so today my luteal phase reaches 16 days.From last couple of months I ve be having rather short cycles say give or take a few 24 25 or 26 days.My boobs feel fuller.Have littles twinges once in a while.U think i will grasp to see bfp...

16dpo and no af and highly frustrated...any give a hand?
ok i am about 16-17dpo depending on when i ovulated and i still have not gotten by period. i hold woken 3 days in a row with a headache and been enormously light headed the last 4 days. im not sure what is going on i am have mild cramping but only lasts for a...

17 dpo and still get a glum HPT?
On the July 31 (17 dpo) I was a few days late on my period so I approved to take a First Response pregnancy test with my first morning urine and it come out negative. I still haven't started my period.Could i still be pregnant? I've never missed a period earlier...but I guess there's always a first...

17 dpo still no length?
So i'm 17 dpo or last period was May 25th I belive. Since I ovulated I enjoy been eating like 24/7 it's resembling im always hungry!! Peeing more. Past few days I've been "dry" down there. Today I woke up next to a white discharge like im ovulating again lol. I'm getting a test today. ...

18 and might be pregnant, how to describe your parents?
My bf and I are going threw a rough time right now, i love him and we are working everything out. were basically fine very soon, but he drives me crazy at times. I live with my parents. I have a job. I really want this babe-in-arms and hope I am pregnant, I know the...

18 dpo and af is a no show?
well im 18 dpo and have not taken a test however. I am scared to see yet another BFN. I Guess i just want to know who took a trial around this time and got their BFP? DH and I have been trying for a year and 1 month, capably I think I'll finally...

18 trying to conceive (2ww)?
some people might think im mad, I'm 18 and me and my partner at trying for a little one, Im not on dole or after a house, I live with my partner we have a house in both our given name and joint acounts, we have been together since I be 14 and he was 16, We actualy or should...

18, Married, and TTC.?
First and formost see your gyn he or she will give you a clean bill of health, and grasp you on the right track, I am 19 engaged and hopefully pregnant its 7 DPO and man am I dizzy and tired, and nasaues, but, see your gyn and don't search teen pregnancy, try searching pregnancy contained by young adults, ect! Good...

19 & inept to concieve?!?
I have been sexually active for three years presently. Overall had three sexual partners. I am currently with my partner of two years and remarkably much stable. We are trying for a baby and have done so for the past year. Yet, nil is happening! I have recently have a sexual heath check and ovarian scan to reveal no infection,...

19 & TTC. wantin to see 2 lines?
I've been feelin really tired, nauseous, and have cramps resembling on my period but there's no blood. My period is not due for another 3 days... What were your first symptoms of pregnancy? Did you know even until that time your missed period? How long did it take to see a positive result? I am...

1st cycle near fertility monitor?
Im on CD 28 now and feel im out (after carrying out tests yesterday and a BFN) so im using the clearblue fertility monitor for the 1st time, after 9 months TTC. Any success stories with these? OMG!! This is way too freaky hunnie :):) I hold been TTC #2 for 9 months - and have just...

Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I pregnant..missed period..cramps but no blood...?
    These are my symptoms:
    - period is 9 days late
    - cramps but no blood
    - my breasts were very sore but the pain is gone now
    - i was urinating frequently but that is also gone now
    - urine is foggy

    Could i be pregnant? i just started college and i am stressed out could this have cause my missed period?
    Yes i am sexually active.
    i always used protection but lately my boyfriend would just pull out

    • ANSWER:
      All those symptoms depend highly on the fact of whether or not you have had sex. The irritating thing about the female menstrual cycle is that the symptoms prior to both a period and symptoms stating that you are pregnant are both shockingly similar. because of this you can never really count on symptoms too terribly much. the easiest way to determine whether or not you are is of course to take a test. If you have had sex that would be an ideal thing to do. however, if you are not sexually active then these symptoms are generally average symptoms for the start of a period. Ironically stress over anything (including the idea of being pregnant) can delay your period.

      keep in mind even if you haven't had sex but are sexually active it is rare, but possible to get pregnant. If a mans cum gets anywhere near your area then it is possible.

    im a week late on my period , slight cramps but come and go but no blood am pregnant?
    week late no sign ov blood , cramps come, gettin discharge , bloatin feelin sick at times am i pregnant ?

    • ANSWER:
      This is how I felt when I found out I was pregnant. I did a test 5 days late and got a negative. Then another negative at 6 days late, Then finally a positive at 7 days late. You should definitely get a test done. There could be a serious problem if you are not pregnant.Good luck

    Im supposed to have my period today,but no cramps have came and no sign of blood. Am i pregnant?
    I usually have cramps before i start. Last month i started on the 5th and this month im suppose to start today. And i had sex on the 15th of Jan. I was fertile that time and not exactly sure what that means so can someone tell me. I havent been having any cramps does this mean im pregnant? PLEASE HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Aww, i can understand why you are concerned. But this might just be you skipping a period; its normal to skip whole periods for many girls (including me!). But just to be safe, i would take a pregnancy test.
      I hope all goes well, good luck!! oxoxo

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