Painful Legs During Period

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Leg Pain - Causes and Popular Home Remedies Lower Leg Pain

Leg affliction comes in abounding forms. My patients call it as tingly, sharp, dull, anguish and aching. Whatever your leg affliction feels like, it can be a ante 00004000 cedent of ache and arrest your adeptness to angle for continued periods, put weight on your leg or artlessly accomplish accustomed activities.

Though it has an array of causes, there is some accepted altitude accepted to aftereffect in leg pain. Let's yield an attending and altercate solutions that will get you aback on your feet.

Causes of Leg Pain

If you accept suffered an abrasion to the bone, beef or bond of your leg, it's simple to affix these injuries to leg affliction and seek treatment. Sometimes, however, the could cause of leg affliction is not bright clear. Vascular disorders involving the argosy that backpack claret and lymph throughout the physique can could cause claret clots or varicose veins. Claret clots, accepted as abysmal attitude thrombosis, generally aftereffect from abiding bed rest.

Atherosclerosis or narrowed arteries is a action that can blemish apportionment so that beneath claret alcove your legs. In this case, you ability feel affliction during exercise that's alleged claudication which feels like a aciculate ache if you airing or run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    why do my legs/feet hurt during my period too?
    it's so painful. my back, my feet, and my legs cramp along with my normal period cramping. my periods are always heavy to. any suggestions to keep the pain to a minimum?


    • ANSWER:
      Since I generally know by heart what will happen/when it will happen, I take an Ibuprofen when I start getting the feeling the pain is going to start.
      I also lay down and watch t.v., thus falling asleep. Then I can't feel anything when I wake up or for the rest of the week.

    Heavy Painful Period, with Leg Numbness, nausea etc.?
    When I start my period I am in immense pain, so bad that I simply cry until I pass out.

    This has always been the case since they started when I was 11. I am now 25.

    They don't last as long as they used to (longest was 3 weeks when I was 13! and thankfully the pain doesn't last as long also)

    I've reported this to my GP mulitple times but apart from being given pain killers and the pill (that I had to stop due to it causing PMT (I didn't like bursting into tears at work if somebody offered to make me tea)) but nobody seems to know what is causing it.

    So please help. symptons are heavy painful period, that cause leg numbness (can be so bad I collapsed on occasion) nausea and weakness.
    Usually lasts a week in all, pain is usually at it's worst for the first 12 hours and decreased steady after this.
    Also have trouble with consiptation and diaharria prior and during period.

    What could the cause be?

    Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Haven't they done any ultrasounds to see if you have fibroid tumors????? They can cause all those symptoms - particularly the leg numbness from pressure on nerve endings. AND - you need a gynecologist, someone who deals with just this all the time. Your GP needs to refer you to one - or ask a woman you think is smart for the name of hers. You also might have cysts, or endometriosis........ There are treatments for all these things. In the meantime - ibuprofen works better than most of the other painkillers, because it helps with the inflammation. Good luck!!!

    What causes this leg pain during my period?
    Whenever I have my period, I get pain in the front of my thighs, almost like it's a pain in my veins. It comes and goes during the heaviest days of my period and every once in a while on days when I don't have it, though not as painful. I'm in my 40's and this just began a couple of years ago. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I get that too. Part of it can come from lack of iron or potassium. Taking and extra iron and potassium pill should help. During our periods we loose some of that iron and potassium through the discharge. Any women that is still having a period should always take extra iron. That will also help with the fatigue. It may take a month or so for it to help. Avoid salt and caffeine that will help too.

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