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Slight Ovarian Pain And Light Spotting

There are various doubts that women may have during their pregnancy period. The pregnant women may have some little irregular bleeding during their pregnancy, but it should not be like their usual periods. Some women will get confused with this for their regular periods since frequently as the little spot will come when she expects her regular period. The unusual spotting or the bleeding that can happen during pregnancy will frequently be in dark brown color or in light pinkish color. There may not be sufficient bleeding to load the tampons or the pads for some days. If the bleeding is sufficient enough to fill up the tampons or the pads, then it is clear that the women are not pregnant.

Around 25-30 percent of the pregnant women will experience some kind of bleeding or spotting in their early pregnancy. This may be due to the various factors that include implantation bleeding, cervical irritation, threatened miscarriage, infection and ectopic pregnancy. Many of the women with this light spotting or bleeding will continue to have their usual pregnancy and will also deliver healthy baby. Around 50% of the women who experience this light spotting or bleeding will continue to have more bleeding that will ultimately end up with miscarriage. It is very unfortunate that there is no path to assume whether the vaginal bleeding leads to miscarriage or not. If the pregnant woman experience light spotting or bleeding that continues to worsen heavily along with back pain, stabbing pain and painful cramp, then she has to definitely take the medical advice of the doctor straight away.

Some of the woman will also have strange symptoms and make them to think that they are pregnant which later on will end up in heavy bleeding. This would have happened because of the imbalance of hormones, infection or a probable miscarriage.

Pregnant woman may have some little cramping during the early period of pregnancy. The cramping may be frequently similar to the menstrual cramps through the lower abdomen. This cramping may be due to the changes that are happening in the uterus. The uterus will experience more changes as the eggs implanted in it will begin to develop and grow.

Some of these cramping may also come from the tiny cyst that can grow on the ovary during the ovulation. It is called as the corpus luteum cyst. This cyst will be formed in the ovary like spots in which place the eggs will come out before proceeding its travel to the uterus. Progesterone is then produced by this cyst till such time the placenta is formed for production of its own progesterone. This tiny cyst may create some uneasiness for the women during their early pregnancy.

Many of the women will have doubts on their exact date of conception. It is unfortunate that the same cannot be predicted so easily. The guess is that if the woman is having her menstrual cycles regularly, then her ovulation will be during a particular time of a month. Ovulation is the period where the egg will be available and the conception can take place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    light period but painful cramps and boobs?
    i last had sex 3rd september. i had sore boobs bloating and felt sick in morning spotting for a few days. i had two periods since both were browns with spots of light red. but everyday ive had sore boobs,bloating, weight gain but not changed my diet. for a few weeks i went toilet alot, increased appetite. but yesterday i started my period was painful i couldn't move and its light bright red bit lumpy. this isn't normal for me.
    i had a blood test 2 weeks ago an it came back negative i have taken a pregnancy tests too all negative any advice??

    • ANSWER:

    Painful period cramps and constant sore boobs?! ?
    For the last 3 months I have had sore nipples all the time, bloating, bubbles in stomach, a increased appetite then not warning to eat at all, cramps random times, putting weight on for no reason, random headaches, insomnia but so tired I had blood test came back normal Ive had 2 light periods mainly brown with spotting of red and last night I got severe cramps I couldn't move or sleep, my period is quite light today but cramps are so painful it's not normal for me at all help?!

    Why does a woman period be light and the cramps are painful and your legs hurt?

    • ANSWER:
      Your legs hurt because of the bloating. it almost feels like you want to stretch them all day. the pain is from the uterine lining detatching.

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