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Is it Safe to Stop Period With Birth Control Pill, Lybrel?

My mother (and maybe yours too) still insists that women shouldn't meddle with their menstrual periods. They think it's somehow unnatural and therefore unhealthy and just, well... wrong. They fear that changing the natural cycle of menstruation could have unanticipated health repercussions, now or later in life.

That debate is bound to reopen with the introduction of Lybrel, a new prescription birth control pill that ends your period for as long as you take it.

Putting aside any moral arguments over right vs wrong, natural vs unnatural, let's look at what the medical experts say about Lybrel healthwise.

Medical science has not reported any health risks associated with menstrual suppression, as it's technically called. In fact, when Wyeth, the makers of Lybrel, commissioned a Gallup survey of health care professionals in 2006, here's what they found:

"Approximately 97 percent of OB-GYNs thought it is safe to use oral contraceptives continuously, without a placebo phase, in the appropriate patient population. The survey polled 205 OB-GYNs and 200 nurse practitioners."

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to deal with period cramps at school?
    I'm 13 and I don't like to take meds or anything so any ideas of what to do to help cramps stop at school? Without slot of peopl knowing

    • ANSWER:
      I rub a cream on my lower abdominal area called ice gel or flexall.. Depending in wgere you live, they might have different names.

      Both are creams for sports so perfect excuse is u have leg troubles :) Sports creams stop or prevent muscle cramp which is perfect for period pain.. Sounds weird i know - but it is the best treatment going :) u can't really smell them anyway!!
      Give it a try and let me know... Always happy to answer

    How to stop cramps at school?
    i have really bad cramps during my period. it feels like some one keeps stabing me in the stomach with a nife. What can i do in class to stop my cramps or ease them off
    my parents dont beleive in pills so there is none in our house

    • ANSWER:
      While sitting down in school lean in towards the cramps. That will eventually stop it from hurting.

      Since you don't have pills when you are home I highly suggest getting a heating pad to put on where the cramps are it really does help and also hot baths are good to ease the cramps.

    How do I stop cramps at school?
    Today was the 2nd day of my period. Because the cramps were so bad I couldn't focus on my school work and was like shaking. I didn't wanna even look at anyone because they all looked so happy when I was there dieing of pain. I went to the bathroom to take Tylenol. Tylenol didn't help at all During lunch (after 2nd period) I went to go to the nurse because I couldn't even walk or look at food. I went home but I cant go home each time my painful cramps roll around and im at school so im limited to what I can do to stop cramps. I also just started to use tampons because of swimming. Any advice?
    Im allergic to ibeprofin (excuse my spelling)

    • ANSWER:
      Tylenol won't have much of an effect on cramps. If you can't get a medicine specifically for cramps, use ibuprofen, but DON'T use more than the recommended dose and make sure you have extra tampons on hand, because it can hurry your flow up.

      This next bit might sound a little crazy, but bear with me. When you have cramps, they're actually contractions, like the ones pregnant women have when they go into labor. Milder, but essentially the same. It's your uterus contracting, aka shrinking down, in order to push out the unnecessary blood. And oh yeah, it kinda hurts!

      Now this you probably didn't know - when you orgasm, you have contractions too, where your body tightens up a lot and then relaxes, and repeats that. It is intended to get sperm deeper into your body. But after, because of the release and pleasure you feel after you climax, you relax much more inside, and the contractions cease. What THIS means is that when you have cramps, if you orgasm, it makes them a lot less painful, because your insides relax and calm down more afterward. Now, don't try to masturbate at school. That probably won't go over well. But if your cramps are really bad with every period, keep this in mind for later. It's like when your back hurts - massaging the muscles helps. I'm NOT suggesting you go have sex. But self-stimulation is healthy and it is completely possible to reach orgasm without inserting anything at all (no worries about blood needed), although internal massage may also make you feel better. There's absolutely no shame in finding out. A hot shower may also help. Again, that's more stuff to be done at home.

      If you're at school, ask to go see the nurse... if your teacher is female, explain in simple terms. Trust me, she understands. If it's a guy, never, ever hesitate to point blank go, "I'm on my period." Men EVERYWHERE, even adults, will just go pale and let you have your way, because even the thought of a period has them freaking out and praying that you don't say anything else about it. The nurse probably won't be allowed to give you any medicine without a signed slip beforehand, but if you want to bring midol or whatever to school, you can have her hang onto it for you. (I never followed the rules, I just kept some in a tiny bottle in my backpack, but you can get into way more trouble than it's worth over that, so I wouldn't recommend it.)

      Also, you shouldn't swim while on your period, even with tampons, unless it's, like ABSOLUTELY necessary.

      If you're sixteen or older and have never seen a gynecologist, whether or not you are sexually active, I'd recommend seeing one; if you consistently have -really- bad cramps it might be more than just "Wow, being female sucks this week".

      Good luck!

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