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Prevent Ovarian Cyst Pain -- What Causes and Cures Ovarian Cyst Pain

While most ovarian cysts go unnoticed and have no symptoms, many women suffer frequently and severely from the stark reality of ovarian cyst pain throughout their lives. Ovarian cyst pain is largely due to abnormalities in a woman's complex reproductive system and her associated monthly menstrual cycle that can cause the formation of painful ovarian cysts.

Among the various types of ovarian cysts, "functional" cysts are the most common. And two varieties of functional cysts are called follicle cysts and corpus luteum cysts.

  • A follicle cyst forms when, during the menstrual cycle, the egg does not free itself from the sac surrounding it on the ovary. This leads to an infection which causes fluid to fill the sac. Such cysts may cause only mild or no ovarian cyst pain, and you may not be aware of its presence.
  • A corpus luteum cyst formes when the egg is released properly but its surrounding sac fails to dissolve and disappear. Such cysts can be more serious than follicle cysts. In some cases they grow very large, twist one or both ovaries and -- in extreme cases -- must be surgically removed.

Similar to follicle cysts, corpus luteum cysts usually disappear within two or three months unless complications occur.

Most frequently, ovarian cysts go unnoticed. But if any of the following conditions exist, you should learn the cause.

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